Modern Families: Caring, Adventurous, Adorable


Bringing up a family is no easy task and you need all the help you can get. I know I did. There’s a lot of stuff nowadays that wasn’t around when our parents or grandparents were young and all this stuff makes taking care of your children and family in general much easier.

What’s not easier is the amount of choice that we have nowadays. There’s a gadget for every task and for every gadget, there’s twenty different models by twenty different brands. Some good, some bad, and most somewhere in the middle. Sorting through all the information that’s available online about all these products is a hugely time-consuming undertaking. Yes, there are plenty of user reviews and so on, but who has the time to go through all that?

That’s why we have created this website. Using some of our own experience in family matters and home-making, plus doing extensive online research, we compile reviews and lists of all kinds of things that modern mommies and daddies want to have to help them take care of their babies and older offspring.

Browse around and enjoy!

One of the most apparent needs that a parent faces when they have a baby, is the need to keep things that the baby comes in contact with clean and germ-free. This goes especially for things that end up in the baby’s mouth, including all sorts of feeding items. One of the most common devices that come to rescue in this case are baby bottle sterilizers. Almost all models work by injecting hot steam into a container that holds feeding bottles and other accessories, killing essentially all micro-organisms that may reside on them. This is much more convenient than the old method of submerging things into boiling water – it’s quicker, simpler and there’s less chance of getting scalded. The things also remain sterile for as long as 24 hours after steaming. In general, sterilizers are a huge time saver and they don’t cost that much.